Easy way out prediction 2.0 – Wimbledon

Because of the relative success of my last attempt of predictions I have returned to shine my all knowing light on the subject of slam quarterfinals, this time Wimbledon. And with the guarantee of a maiden slam finalist come Saturday the top off gets interesting as pressure mounts on the bottom half of the draw.

QF number 1

Contenders – 15th seed Sabine Lisicki vs 8th seed Angie Kerber
H2H – 4-0 Kerber’s favor (last meeting in Doha, won 4-6 6-4 6-1, includes victory on grass)
Best Wimbledon Showing – This years QF for Kerber, SF last year for Sabine
Predictions – In order to win Sabine will need to not only emulate her form from last round but then some as well, Kerber is more consistent than Sharapova and plays with more variety and better defense. I can only see one result here and that is Kerber being too strong in the end.

QF number 2

Contenders – 3rd seed Aga Radwanska takes on 17th seed Maria Kirilenko
H2H – 5-2 Radwanska (last meeting Miami 2011, 7-6 6-3)
Best Wimbledon Showing – QF in 2008, 2009 and this year for Radwanska and this years QF for Kiri
Predictions – Interestingly enough in the only match that the pair have played at a slam, Kirilenko won, it may have been in 2009 but it still happened and these things often play on players minds. The grass could suit Kirilenko’s game better, especially taking into account the aggressiveness she has played with this week. I think Aga will win ultimately in three sets to make her first ever slam SF.

QF number 3

Contenders – Serena Williams vs Petra Kvitova
H2H – 2-0 Williams (Last match won by Serena in the 2010 semi final here)
Best Wimbledon Showing – Wins in 2002, 03, 09 and 10 for Serena and a win last year for Petra
Prediction – Kind of irrelevant now that the match is halfway through (I left in a hurry and forgot to hit ‘publish post’ :() For the record I had Petra winning under the roof and if the roof was off I had Serena winning

QF number 3

Contenders – 2nd seed Victoria Azarenka vs unseeded Tamria Paszek
H2H – 2-0 Azarenka (last meeting in the QF last year at Wimbledon)
Best Wimbledon Showing – Both last year with a semi for Vika and a QF for Paszek
Prediction – It should be much tougher than last years match but I would be expecting Victoria to get through in three sets.

Kerber def Radwanska
Williams/Kvitova def Azarenka

If you can see where I am going with this the winner of Serena vs Petra will win the whole damn thing, who will it be? Just need to hang on tight and wait to find out :p



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90 Responses to Easy way out prediction 2.0 – Wimbledon

  1. caps321 says:

    Semi finals:

    13:30 Safarova – Li
    17:00 Kvitova – Wozniacki

    British teen Laura Robson has hired Zeljko Krajan as her new coach, reports Sports Illustrated’s Beyond the Baseline. Robson has been working with LTA and adidas coaching this year. Krajan is with Robson at the tournament in Cincinnati. Known as an intense coach, Krajan most recently worked with Jelena Jankovic for a brief period and before that, with Dominika Cibulkova and Dinara Safina.

    “Zeljko was a great coach, but in the end it was not helping me,” Cibulkova said last month. “He was just putting too much pressure and with every ball I missed and every match I lost I was just putting myself really down because he was very, very tough. He’s very intense all the time. I think me being with him two years is something now I don’t know how I could handle it, but it made me maybe tougher in some way. In the end it was not helpful, so after we split, I just felt so much freer on the court, if I do mistake, it doesn’t matter.”

    Maybe this is exactly what Laura Robson needs?

    Bartoli: Kvitova impossible to beat when zoning

    After Petra Kvitova destroyed her 6-1, 6-1 in just an hour in Montreal yesterday, France’s Marion Bartoli had high praise for the 2011 Wimbledon champion. The sixth-ranked Czech hasn’t won a title since the 2011 WTA Championships, but did reach the semifinals of the Australian Open and Roland Garros and the quarterfinals of Wimbledon. However, Kvitova — who has complained of bad allergies while playing in North America — has never reached a final of an American hard court outdoor event.

    “I believe today her performance was extraordinary,” Bartoli said “When she plays like this it’s almost impossible to play against her. “Against Serena [Williams] I won once and lost once, but I never felt like I couldn’t do anything. Against Petra today I was under the impression I just couldn’t play. She’s able to play a winner from anywhere on the court and whatever ball you send her. She takes your control away. I never felt like this against Serena or [Maria] Sharapova.”

  2. caps321 says:

    Madison Keys took out Belly Dancer 6-3, 6-0 in Cincy qualies.

  3. caps321 says:

    OSTRICH wins, Bunny goes home!!!!!!!

    Ula took out Robson in qualies 6-3, 6-2.

  4. caps321 says:

    Looking at Cincy draw:

    First round:

    Arvidsson vs Paszek
    Pironkova vs Stephens
    Wickmayer vs Cirstea
    Makarova vs Petrova
    Princess vs Venus
    Scheepers vs Bambi
    Peer vs Goerges
    Vinci vs Keys
    Martinez Sanchez vs Mona
    Lepchenko vs Belly Dancer
    Safarova vs Shvedova
    Pervak vs Ula

    POSSIBLE Second round:

    Aga vs Paszek
    Venus vs McHale
    Bunny vs Kiki
    Goerges vs Imbecile (Battle of the dolts.)
    Ostrich vs Mona (Mona can’t seem to catch a break or she loses to scrubs.)

    • Mr. PoOkie says:

      Haha “Battle Of The Dolts”

      Who retired? Belly Dancer got a LL

      No faith on Speer Tire taking out Goerges.

      I’ll take Princess to advance to the second round and face Bambi.

      Mona better step it up if she wants to be great, she better start beating opponents whether they top contenders or scrubs. What you are saying, Caps, is that Mona is on Bambi territory.

      I like Yaroslava more than Lucie, but no matter how you slice it that was a tough draw for Lucie and no respect for Yaroslava who had to go through qualies. On Twitter Yaroslava said she missed the main draw dead line, couldn’t she get a WC?

  5. Not sure whom Belly Dancer replaced.

    Looks like Imbecile pulled out with a gimpy foot.

    Ostrich vs Na Li coming up in 5 minutes assuming its not raining, eh.

    • Mr. POokie says:

      This is what I found out about the Belly Dancer getting a LL, “Timea Babos replacing unused performance Bye”. I’m now more confused than I was before.

      That’s a typical Imbecile action, let me translate it for you: I’m too embarrass about the double bagel last week so I decided to skip this tournament in order to save face. My fake injury not excuses my putrid performance last week but it also squashes the rumors that I’m an overrated, taunting, fake nice, Fist Pumping Imbecile.Try to imagine the Imbecile saying that with an annoying high pitch voice ala Chipmunk. BTW that is the second straight WTA tournament (Olympics were an ITF event) were she gets humiliated, Angry Bird smashed her butt 6-1, 6-0 at Wimbledon and Vinci last week at Montreal 6-0, 6-0.

      Missed the Ostrich/Na match. 😦 The Monday night “Yes! Yes! Yes!” yells were not from WWE’s wrestler star Daniel Bryan but from Caps321, 😛 and those pounding fist to the ground thumps were not from former boxing champ Mike Tyson, no! it came from that world renown Zen Master Brain. 😛

  6. Mr. PoOkie says:

    I said I was going to give Bambi a piece of my mind if she didn’t win San Diego. Bambi didn’t and I hesitated my delivery, no longer:

    When are Bambi’s ovaries going to descend? If she doesn’t have a pair then she needs to grow some. Bambi has this tendency to timidly play against cup cakes, her tentative tennis strategy leads to these head scratching performances. She lacks the kill mentality, ‘Grrrrrrr Factor’, fire, and determination, without these factors she can’t shift to a higher gear in a match. Her problems also arises playing against top players, at RG 12 against Divapova Bambi had a shot to pull the upset but like a turtle reverted back to her shell called “tentative play”. Like the true tennis shark that she is Divapova smelled blood went for the kill and went on to win the match and the tournament while Bambi went home. If Bambi can’t naturally become aggressive, if she can’t get into the kill mode, then I would suggest to her to become a “cerebral assassin” and have a plan B along with plan C for every match. Her intelligence and tennis smarts as weapons to conquer her opponent.

    Mathilde Johansson & Christina McHale, 2nd Round, Court 16, The Championships, Wimbledon, London.

    And yes! I would shake her hand after a match. 😛

  7. caps321 says:


    I’ve also lost confidence in Bambi but think that will be alleviated when she wins her first title.. even if its a flop tournament.

    However, my expectations have fallen considerably in the last little while. I was thinking maybe she’d be another Meghann Shaughnessy but after checking her stats:

    WTA singles titles: 6
    WTA doubles titles: 17
    ITF Women’s Circuit singles titles: 6
    ITF Women’s Circuit doubles titles: 2
    Prize Money: $3,975,223
    Win Loss Record – Singles: – 378 – 343
    Win Loss Record – Doubles: – 315 – 185

    I don’t think she’ll win 17 doubles titles and am unsure if she can crack 6 titles. What do you think?

    Also of note:

    11 (September 10 2001)
    4 (March 21 2005)


    2001 – 12

    • Mr. POokie says:

      I have to beak down Meghann Shaughnessy titles:
      Zero slams
      Zero Tier 1
      One Tier 2
      One Tier 3
      Four Tier 4 aka “flop titles”

      Bambi has 1 ITF singles title and 3 ITF doubles title.

      Caps, when I first saw Bambi I thought that she could develop to be like the Princess, (the Princes of now not the princess of five years ago) but your comparison to Meghann Shaughnessy is pretty much accurate.

      Meghann, like Davenport, was considered a late bloomer, she won her first title at the age of 21 and it was a “flop title”. I always considered Meghann a one year wonder, the year she rose to the 12 spot in the rankings.

      Bambi could easily become a late bloomer, she is only 20 years of age with at least 7-9 years of tennis left. Her youth is to her advantage right now, how her tennis develops is still an enigma. I’m considering next year to be her make it or brake it year, so far this year she has been a bust with a few flashes of brilliance.

      In doubles a player is as good as the partner is. If ITF titles are indicators how a player will do at the next level then Bambi has a good future in doubles, with the right partner and experience Bambi can make noise in the doubles world.

      Here is a photo of Bambi’s curves

  8. caps321 says:

    I didn’t watch Bambi’s match today but she lost via retirement. 3-6, 6-3, 3-0. Any idea what’s wrong with her?

    IMO, the thing Princess has going for her is consistency — which is why she can beat Goerges whom lacks it big time. But, I think she’s also an underachiever because of choking.

    Paszek retired too, I have her on twitter but won’t be checking until tomorrow to see if she says why that occurred.

    Square Pants lost to Larsson and hit 13 DF’s.

    Concerning the draw and LL’s.. The draw I printed was the original. Nasty Pav was supposed to face Zakopalova. But, Nasty Pav took Imbecile’s spot against Suarez Navarro. And then Tatishvilli took her spot. No idea on why it worked out that way.

    • Mr. PoOkie says:

      Petrova: dizziness
      Tamira: migraine
      Bambi: Gastrointestinal illness

      I thought about the LL situation and I came to this conclusion: The top eight seeds for the tournaments got 1st round byes. Li Na was suppose to play in the first round being seeded ninth, but she reached the final on the previous week, the rule says, “Any player that reaches a semi final will be given a first round bye in the following week’s tournament to give them an extra time to rest”. An extra spot opened up when Na got a bye, enter Belly Dancer as a LL. Maybe I’m over thinking this draw, I would ask the Aussies to confirm but I have better chances getting an answer from a brick wall.

      I also didn’t watch the Bambi match last time I checked the scoreboard she was up 4-0, then 4-2 in the first set. That’s typical of Bambi winning the first set only fade in second and third set.

      I do agree on your points on Princess and Goerges.

  9. Mr. POokie says:

    Watch out for Sesil, she may surprise Bunny.

    Mona vs Ostrich…This is the best chance that Mona has to pull an upset on a top 5 player.

    The beautiful Camila Giorgi vs the cutie Sloane S….I’m taking Sloane in three in a competitive match.

    Yaroslava vs Ula…Yaris defeating Ula would earn her the title “Stable Slaughterer”. 😛

    Peng vs Vinci…I also expect it to be a good three set competitive match.

  10. Mr. PoOkie says:

    Giorgi/Sloane and Vinci/Peng wete bust matches, I expected better from Vinci and Giorgi. The pkayers that I thought would win, won, but too easily.

  11. Mr. POokie says:

    Sesil punked out as Bunny took her out in less than an hour.

    Couple of more retirements: Yaroslava and The Diminutive One.

    Radwanka sisters move to third round.

    The match of the day was Mona/Ostrich, too bad Mona couldn’t handle the pressure at the end.

  12. Mr. PoOkie says:

    Since I had a horrible day at predicting the out comes of games I decided to do it again. 😛

    Radwanska sisters vs The Americans…I’m taking the underdogs Ula and Sloane.
    Nasti Pav over Bunny…Damn you Bunny from darkness. 😛
    Venus over Errani…Do I dare to say it again? Of course! It’s me, is going to be another tough three setter.
    Finally, I’m taking Na.

  13. Mr. PoOkie says:

    The least competitive match I chose it as a tough three setter.

    After being at the receiving end the Golden Slam at Wimbledon, Errani hasn’t been the same. All those points that made her rise to the to ten were from playing clay court tournaments, she skipped a couple of hard court tourneys to play in clay instead. The gamble paid off in the short run when she reached the singles final of RG, even taking the doubles crown. It was at Wimbledon were the short run success turned into big, big, nightmare after her historical liss in singles and an underachieving performance in doubles. Errani pulled out of a clay tournament before the Olympics, someone should have told her that the Olympics were going to be on grass. Now she faltering big in the USO series. I think the golden set wil be the albatross that will ruin her career.

    Ula gave a battle to Serena, she went up 3-0 in the 2nd set I don’t know what happened but she lost the set 3-6 and the match in straight sets.

    Aggie had a tough time from the 2nd set on to defeat Sloane. I picked up the match in the 3rd, Aggie looked bitchy out there bothered by the weather. Aggie prevailed in the end, Sloane had her chances.

    Aggie and Serena were clearly affected by the weather but won.

    Sloane is the best young American out there although she needs to develop shots going down the line, better decision making, and improve her excution a bit. Right now she is better than Bambi

  14. caps321 says:

    Is Nasty Pav resurrecting her career? She’s up 4-2 in the first set against Bunny.

  15. Mr. POokie says:

    Nasti Pav (the long lost cousin of Square Pants 😛 ) won the first set against Bunny then the match was suspended due to rain. Friday, it maybe Saturday somewhere else, the match will be completed. Later the winner will get the task to face off against Ostrich, meaning Bunny is a well done roast. I hear your evil laugh Mr. Caps321.

    Aggie can also punch her ticket to the semis since she will face Na or Larsson will do double duties as well.

  16. caps321 says:

    Matches coming up:

    11:30 Li – Larsson
    11:30 Wozniacki – Pavlyuchenkova TBF 4:6
    13:00 V. Williams – Stosur
    15:00 S. Williams – Kerber
    19:00 Radwanska – Li
    20:30 Kvitova – TBD

  17. caps321 says:

    Kerber takes out Serena in straight sets! Y E A H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. PoOkie says:

    I read that Andrea Petkovic is coming back from injury. She plans to play at New Haven.

    Caps your day keeps getting better and better.

  19. caps321 says:

    Tamira posted on twitter the other day about a ‘wet t-shirt contest’ I clicked on the link which showed a photo of her and Petko on court. Guess it was hot out there practicing.

  20. Mr. POokie says:

    Caps what happened to Aggie?

  21. caps321 says:

    I didn’t watch but looks like she got her booty kicked! ESPN2 has coverage tonight starting at 7pm Eastern. Kerber/Ostrich about 8:30pm.

  22. caps321 says:

    The draws are out for Dallas & New Haven.


  23. caps321 says:

    Ostrich hits over 50 UE’s and Kerber wins it in 3! She’s 19-1 in 3 set matches and 49-15 on the year.

  24. Mr. PoOkie says:

    Here are some interesting matches Dallas:
    Chipmunk vs Jarmilla…I take Jarmilla, Chipmunk is playing annoying tennis.
    Benesova vs Moil Lolita…Benesova, Moi Lolita lost her head and game awhile back.
    Kiki vs Hercog…clash of the upstarts, I take Hercog she kind of looks like Missy Franklin.
    Watson vs Wicki…Wicki is wasting herself away. Watson wins it.

    New Haven
    Mr. Oudin vs Glatch….you know me, Glatch
    Lucie vs Lepchenko…Lucie, it seems Lepchenko is running out gas.
    Slaone vs Tamira…tough, but I take Sloane only because of home field advantage.
    Sponge Bart vs Robson…I would never put money on Laura until she proves me wrong.

  25. Mr. POokie says:

    New Haven Singles
    Princess vs Speer Tire…Princess is going to leave her as a flat tire.
    Bunny vs Makarena…I can only hope there is going to be dancing over the Bunny carcass.
    Mona vs Dani H….I take Mona, I hope the choker torch is not pass on to her.
    Bethanie vs Errani…Errani will win.
    LL Mr. Oudin vs Ardvisson…Mr. Oudin got another LL? Ha! Once again it will make her a double loser.

    Interesting Sloane paring once again with the Belly Dancer, this two were highly successful in doubles juniors. I’m curious to see how both will do in the big league, they face off against the runners up in Cincinnati Jie/Srebotnik

    BTW Nasty Pav pulled out to giving the LL to Mr. Oudin.

    JJ vs Yaroslava…JJ is the number two seed but this drawing doesn’t do her any favors. Yaroslava is my dark horse for USO 12, plus JJ is slumping big this year, I take Yaris in straight sets.
    Kerber vs Erakovic…No rest for Kerber after a tough fight yesterday? I’ll favor Erakovic in this match and Kerber better save some energy for USO.

  26. caps321 says:

    Speer Tire is going to suffer from a massive blow out! I might add, she’s ranked #62 now and I can only hope she goes higher and higher.

  27. Sunflower says:

    R.I.P. Carlos

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