Kaia Kanepi to miss Wimbledon

Estonian Kaia Kanepi will miss this years Wimbledon Championships in order to rehabilitate an ankle injury. Kanepi, who has been inform all season picking up two titles and a Roland Garros quarter final, will end her run of 25 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments played by missing Wimbledon.

Rehabilitation will take up to four weeks to heel the pain in her ankles which started after the tournament in Estroli, last month.

“We made some pictures of my heels and the situation is that I have to take a break,” Kanepi said.

“This means that I have to skip Wimbledon this year. We will see how the treatment goes. I can still practice to some extent. With full practices I can start when the heels are cured.”

Kanepi will update her fans in three to four week on her official website and is still hopeful that she will be able to participate in the Olympic Games, held in London.

Its very disheartening to see a player of Kanepi’s talent and ability always seem to succumb to injury once she hits form again. We wish her a speedy recover and hope to see her playing at the Olympics!


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Hi, Emily here You may be joining me from my former home at WTA Tour Insights or you may be completely new either way you can get a run down. Journalism student from Melbourne. My friend Lucinda is my co-blogger and official tweeter, she's got a lot of degrees, bit of a nerd - but we wont hold that against her! That's all I can think of for now, we must sound pretty exciting! I'll probably add to this later, or the more likely option I'll completely forget about it.
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33 Responses to Kaia Kanepi to miss Wimbledon

  1. Mr. Pookie says:

    Too bad for the Bunny killer. I’ll wait for the summer season for Kanepi to keep kicking Bunny’s butt.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about the Olympics? I see the medals as an ornaments not as an achievement I’m mainly turn off due to the vastly egos from players. I used to like the Olympics when I was younger and even had the chance to attend to soccer games when the Olympics were held in L.A. in 1984 (the stork was a long way from delivering Louise and Luci). The rule of thumb for the Olympics: the more popular the sport the more arrogant the athletes are.

  2. I could care less about which country wins the Olympics. But, I do like watching tennis and will root for my women which are from varying countries. And I do like the fact that I’ll be able to watch HQ streams from nbcolympics.com, Bravo’s tv channel, and also on my tablets.

    Speaking of tablets, I already have an Ipad2 and just won a Nook Color. Its not the latest or greatest but I already made a micro sdhc card with Android 2.3.7 & 3.0 on it. So, I can bypass Barnes & Nobles’ paired down version of the OS. That said, I’m not sure if the Android will be here in time for the Olympics but they said 6-8 weeks and I already sent the envelope back.

  3. Mr. Pookie says:

    I hope we get better tennis than the last Olympics, performances were flat. I hadn’t watch tennis in the Olympics prior to the Beijing Olympics and I was disappointed by the quality of play.

    -You must be delighted Caps that Ula defeated Licki B. in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4, 2nd round.
    -No surprise Mr. Oudin won against Larcher de Brito in straight sets…WTH she has won two straight matches, lucky belly keeps working for her.
    -Segue to the Belly Dancer who was screwed by the weather she had to play back to back matches. Ms. Belly won the first round singles in a tough three setter against the American qualifier Riske 6-4, 4-6, 7-6(7-2). Later in the day she lost in straight sets to the American Falconi, Dancer’s belly got in the way (reference to her out shape form 😛 ). Seriously, no matter who it is, is too tough to win back to back matches in the same day it is not impossible but it takes a toll specially if they have to play a match the next day.
    -Americans seem to be all over the place.
    -Laura Robson lost in three sets, <i.Robbies yes, I mean you Melbournians 😛 or anybody else, yes I mean you Caps 😛 six months into the year how do you asses Robson’s results so far?
    -Maybe we should pull the mid season report card for all players, how about a post about it lovely bloggers? Yes, once again I mean you Melbournians.

  4. Ula definitely seems to be playing better as of late.

    I haven’t seen Robson play enough to know exactly what her problem is but I suppose she’s a choker!

    Candela beat #211 who spanked Goerges.

    • Mr. pookie says:

      Julia G. should had gone through the field like business as usual. Bad Gastein is a clay court event and she should had dominated and some what redeemed herself for her underachieving result at RG 12. Now Julia has made things worse for her, I imagine losing to a player ranked #211 is boosting her confidence as we speak.

      At least today I get to say Candle Head. 😀

  5. Mr. pookie says:

    Over on grass Mr. Oudin won again this time defeating Vesnina 6-0, 6-2. How about that bagel. Does this mean she is a better player than Bambi? 😛 Now Mr. Oudin will face fellow American Falconi who just defeated Ula in straight sets.

    Licki B.’s woes continues she lost in doubles partnering with Dani H. 6-0, 6-3 to the Americans Spears and Kops-Jones. Licki B. really needs a vacation but with Wimbledon and the Olympics coming up it will be a train wreck, I call dibs on the front seat.

  6. Mr. Pookie says:

    First round matches that caught my eye:
    -Bambi vs Bunny…Is time for Bambi to show her intestinal fortitude and steal Bunny’s eggs.
    -Desdemona vs Jeepers Scheepers…I take Jeepers, Desdemona was the architect of her own demise (more on that later).
    -Safarova vs Belly Dancer…Lucie will be too much for that Belly.
    -Sponge Bart vs Chipmunk…The slump match, do I really have to watch this match?
    -Aggie vs Pironkova…Ine says that grass is her fav turf, the other one is a grass coyrt specialist. Well then, this must be the match to watch.
    -Ostrich vs Makarena…I take Ostrich in two tough sets.

    Over at s-Hertogenbosch is the tenth return of Kookie Monster. 😛

    I wrote asking a few more questions Naughty Desdemona:
    On representing Germany on the Olympics:
    ”I have absolutely no chance to get nominated from Germany”
    On her injury:
    ”It was short before a fatigue fracture”.
    If she needed rest why did she okay at Strasburg?

    She answered my email in less than two hours.

    Is everyone on vacation?

  7. Hmmm. Seems ‘stress fracture’ is another term for ‘fatigue fracture.’

    Guess Mr. Oudin took out Falconi! Looks like she’ll face Makarova next.

  8. Mr. Pookie says:

    Last Tuesday I went off on Mr. Oudin’s weight and now she makes it to the final at Birmingham. I guess she is still rubbing her pot for luck. 😛

  9. WOW!

    Cornet beats Wiki for the title.. Oudin defeats Makarova to set up a date with JJ.

    Craybas/Goerges win title.

    Babos/Hsieh win title.

    Clijsters over Oprandi in 3 sets and hits 9 aces w/ 4 DF’s.

    It today’s edition of ‘As the Bunny turns.’

    via tennis.com

    Wozniacki: ‘I believe I can win Wimbledon’

    Former world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki, who hasn’t won a tournament in nine months and lost in the third round of Roland Garros, says she can succeed at Wimbledon. Wozniacki recently hired 2002 Australian Open titlist Thomas Johansson to help coach her.

    “I believe I can win Wimbledon this year, I have to believe,” the world No. 7 told the Daily Mail. “The women’s game is wide open at the moment and the depth of quality players has increased significantly in the last 10 years. You never know what will happen, there will always be upsets and people you don’t expect in the quarters and the semis. I didn’t see Sara Errani getting to the final of the French Open but she had a really good tournament. I’ve brought Thomas in to help out and he has so much experience, is a Grand Slam winner and hopefully that can make a difference. My dad is still on court helping out and he gets along well with Thomas, but ultimately I’m in charge because I’m the one out there hitting the shots.”

    • Mr. Pookie says:

      This past week the world turned upside down. Players who were down and out come up with titles as in the case of Moi Lolita, as for Wicki, she got to the final as she was expected. At least she still looks great in those shorts. 😉 Mr. Oudin with the possibility to win a WTA title.

      I get the feeling Kookie Monster is going to make a deep run at Wimbledon.

      On the Bunny:
      And I still believe that can win the lotto, buy an island, and become its king and ruler*. I think the Bunny doesn’t have the chops to win back to back matches with top opponents. There are players outside the top 20 that are capable to defeat the Bunny in the early rounds such as Kim, Erakovic, Makarena to name a few. Bunny has a big mouth, how did you you used to call her comments Caps? “In Today’s Stupid Bunny Comments”. She can say whatever comes from her Bunny butt, in a tough draw she has no chance, she meets a player who is hot she has no chance, she plays against someone in the top ten she has no chance, she meets dangerous opponents outside the top 20 she has no chance. Her window of opportunity is very slim and lets remember she doesn’t have the luxury on court coaching.

      *Not Australia I’m afraid Louise and Luci would use violence, dirty tactics, mud slinging, and bad propaganda to overthrow me; now I’m sad. 😦 Haha 😛

  10. Mr. Pookie says:

    Another Monday another Blaaaah Day.

    Is the lovely Lucinda out of the cast?

    Here is a candid photo that I found of Emily and Lucinda meeting a “friend” 😉
    Miscellaneous Plushies

    Louise and Luci I’m learning your language:

    For Robbies:
    Laura Robson

    For Caps:

    -Qualifying rounds: the top three qualifying seeds are out, 7 of top eight seeds are out.
    -Mirza was ousted in the 2nd round, did she ever made an announcement on her return back to tennis singles?
    -The Fist pumping Imbecile withdrew citing right hip injury.

    Mid season grades scale 1-10 (ten being the best score).
    -Divapova: 10, for winning RG and completing the Diva slam also reaching 6 finals including AO, I.W., Miami, Rome. She proved me wrong in clay.
    -Mrs. Angry Bird: 10, for dominating top half of the year winning AO and I.W.
    -Errani: 9, career year QF at AO and final RG having a a very good year in clay with only one glitch.
    -Ostrich: 9, for reaching two Grand Slam semis.
    -Aggie: 7.9, take away RG and she has reached at least QF in every tourney that she has entered.
    -Kerber 7.9, another player with a career year.
    -Princess: 7, A solid year her injury slowed her in clay.
    – Desdemona: 7, a solid year, she was also hampered by injuries in the clay season.
    -Bambi: 6, she needs to step it up a little.
    -Safarova: 6, nice yar but she can do better.
    -Serena: 5, no slams and that meltdown in RG.
    -Na: 4 after winning RG 11 she has nose dived.
    -JJ: 3 she needs to pick it up in the bottom half of the year.
    -Lisicki: 2, someone needs to get her straight. Too much talent to be wasting away like this.
    -Bunny, Fist Pumping Imbecile, and Kuznetzova: all get 1.

  11. Robson over Bojangles 6-2, 6-3.

    K. Bondarenko upsets Errani 5-7, 6-3, 6-4.

    Oudin works over JJ 6-4, 6-2 for the TITLE! What is this world coming to? Mr. Oudin winning a title?

    • Mr. Pookie says:

      Ya think Mr. Oudin’s rubs own her belly for good luck or she ask her bf for help?…She got a wild card for Wimbledon.

      Has the Melbourian is finally beginning grown up or is she only playing dress up? 😛

      A clay court specialist losing in grass, I’m shock, shock I said. 😛

  12. Mr. Oudin might’ve found a man to rub her belly now and has decided to denounce her cougar-ways. However, I have no proof of that!

    Ula wins 4-6, 6-1, 6-4 against Pervak.

  13. Sure would be nice if Mona could play a tournament without being ONE AND DONE! Then maybe I’d get to peep her bun in action.

  14. Mr. Pookie says:

    Galina was serving for the match up 5-4 in the third set choked and ended up losing 5-7. Not surprised, I think of her being a choker.

    The top two seeds Stosur and Errani who are considered clay court specialist are out after the first round. Joining them is the fifth seed the Princess who lost in three tough sets to Furby. Boooooo! Kookie Monster has a clear shot to take the title unless she has fitness problems, no biggie she can be in form for Wimbledon.

  15. Ula d. Pennetta 6-1, 6-1.
    Gavrilova d. Wiki 6-1, 6-2.
    Pironkova d. Aga 6-2, 6-4.
    Makarova d. Ostrich 7-5, 6-4.
    Kerber d. Vesnina 3-6, 6-0, 7-5.

    Bunny is doing something with her leg on the serve which is hilarious. I don’t know if she’s about to take a dump or serve the ball! Not sure why they’d try and change her serve right before Wimbledon though. Seems to me her pushing game would take a priority.

  16. The Nook Color I won which was only 800MHZ ended up being a Nook Tablet dual core 1GHZ. Which is good but I already made my micro sdhc card. So, I’ll have to go see if there is software available to make it a full Android tablet. Not sure how long its been out. Anyway got it in less than 2 weeks rather than 6-8 which is great!

  17. Mr. PoOkiE says:

    Seedings for Wimbledon our out, the women’s side went along with the ranking system. The men’s side went with the “if you did good in the past you will be rewarded” system.

    Stock Watch
    Leaders: no change.
    Past Week Winners: I hate to admit it was Mr. Oudin who not only won her first title, jumped 86 spots in the rankings, and got a WC for Wimbledon.
    Past Week Losers: As I said previously, for her 4th straight one and done, Desdemona.
    Laggers: After getting out of her horrible slump, JJ gets to a final only to lose to Mr. Oudin
    Equity Futures: Now that the grassy knoll season is in full swing is time to look into the future…You might say, “The future Mr. Pookie?” Yes, the future, as in Wimbledon :P. I predict the Americans are going to have a good showing while the Germans are going to be disappointing.

  18. After redoing my research this time on the Nook Tablet rather than Nook Color.. The Android versions available aren’t mature enough so I’m just going to sell it.

    I see Bambi lost today.

    • Mr. PoOkiE says:

      I expected Bambi to lose after all she went to war with Bunny and stole her eggs; that match lasted 2hrs AND 31mins. I didn’t see today’s match, I thought Nasti Pav would win but it wasn’t easy by looking at the final score three sets lasting 2hrs 44mins, final score 7-5, 3-6, 6-4. A very good pre-Wimbledon workout for Bambi.

  19. Looks like both tournaments have been delayed by rain!

  20. Mr. PoOkiE says:

    Checking Wimbledon qualifying rounds:
    Coco and Lucic made through the main draw.
    Caroline Garcia lost in straight sets in the first round.
    Notable 2nd round losers: Rezai, Madison Keys, Garbine M.B., Candle Head, and Dulko. Is Dulko even relevant?
    Americans joining M. Keys are A. Glatch and A.Riske.

  21. Mr. POoKiE says:

    Here are the predictions from this blog for Wimbledon 2012:
    Emily: Serena will take that giant ash tray.
    Lucinda: Mrs. Angry Bird will win that silver cheap imitation of the Mayan calendar.
    Caps321: Ostrich will bring home the bacon plus that over sized silver platter.
    Mr. Pookie will be hanging out with the qualifying Czech twins.

    PS: Hahaha 😛

  22. Did the Wimbledon singles draw come out yet? I read its today and I believe they’re 6 hours ahead of me. But, I can’t seem to find it.

    Ula vs Kimmie coming up sometime shortly. Bet Ula wishes she won some of those scrub tournaments that didn’t have tough players in it. Because now I believe this is a semi final match and while she’s playing and serving much better.. I don’t see her taking out Big Bad Kimmie!

  23. Mr. PoOkiE says:

    Kim pulled out citing abdominal injury, yeah right. Good for her though she doesn’t want to be tired for Wimbledon.

    Draws are out, where are the Aussies with the break down!?!

  24. Mr. POokiE says:

    An early preview to Wimbledon 2012 Draws.

    Divapova’s Quarter
    This quarter of the draw is re-loaded! 1st round matches you have: JJ/KIm, Desdemona/Vera Z., Martic/Licki B., Cetkovska/King. Add Makarena, Sloane S. and at the bottom of the draw Bambi and Kerber.

    Mrs. Angry Bird Quarter
    Easy, easy, draw for Mrs. Angry, in her draw she could face in the 4th round the winner of the possible match of Imbecile/Julia G. At top half of the draw Bunny only has Kuznetsova and Sponge Bart to contend. 1st round matches Wicki/Kuznetsova, Ula/Erakovic. I have Mrs. Angry in the semis.

    Aggie’s Quarter
    Is tricky for her, Na and Stosur at the bottom of her draw.as well as the Princess For Aggie she may have once again Venus in the 2nd round, Aggie gets her head screw straight she can make it to the semis. Flavia has an easy path to the 4th round. 1st round matches: Mr.Oudin/Belly Dancer, Dani H./Jamie Hampton, Chipmunk/Parmentier.

    Ostrich Quarter
    Ostrich drew Nasti Pav and Diminutive which i think she can dust them off easily. Top half of the draw you have the 30 year old version of Serena (hi Louise), she has tricky players Jie and Yaroslava to deal with and possibly Errani. If Serena doesn’t self destruct again she will have a date with Ostrich. 1st round matches: Robson/Furby, Yaroslava/Scheepers, Kiki/Safarova, Diminutive/Zakopalova, Errani/Coco. 2nd round might have again Wozniak/Jie, also Lepchenko/Nasti Pav.

  25. Carlos, I see Kimmie’s BFF Flipper is in the other semi final. Don’t think she’ll get past Petrova but doubt Kim wanted to take away a title from her friend. Note: Flipkens has exactly ZERO titles in her career on the WTA tour.

    Decided to keep the Android and now my mind can’t handle delving into this draw!

  26. Marine says:

    Hi Emily,
    I see that the new blog is growing up :-).
    Poor Kanepi, she must be gutted right now as she’s been doing well,lately.

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