The Curious Case of the Wimbledon seeding

Wimbledon has forever written its on book when it comes to seedings at their championships, often moving players up and down on credentials on grass and history at the tournament. 2012 could prove one of the most difficult years from Wimbledon when they come to releasing their seeds. Should Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters be seeded for the Championships? What about grass court specialist Tsvetana Pironkova? Should Serena Williams be elevated to a top four seed? And where do they place the seemingly out of form Petra Kvitova?

The first and biggest question is regarding Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters. Do either deserve a seeded position? In my honest opinion Venus Williams should definitely be seeded, at either 16 or 24, most likely 24, just on the simple fact that Venus has five Wimbledon titles to her name. But what about Clijsters? The closet she came to a Venus Rosewater Dish was two semi finals (2003 and 2006), she hasn’t played since Indian Wells is probably less deserving of a seeded position but you can’t exactly seed one but not the other, I think giving Kim the 32nd seed would be fair, unless Venus is at 16 then it that case Kim should be seeded 24th.

Four time champion Serena Williams was given a top 8 seeded in her return to Wimbledon last year, after a years absence from the tour, and her performances in Charleston and Madrid, especially Madrid which is basically a blue grass court, would indicate that she deserves a top four seeding. But that would result in demotion of defending champ Petra Kvitova to the 5th seed position, which really wouldn’t make any sense. And If you want to keep Serena and Petra in the top 4 that would mean dropping Agnieszka Radwanska, world number three, outside of the top four.  Perhaps based on recent Wimbledon history having the top four seeds as Sharapova, Azarenka, Kvtiova and Williams wouldn’t be so unfair after all, and would challenge Radwanska to make her first slam semi final.

What about Tsvetana Pironkova? 2010 Wimbledon semi finalist and 2011 Wimbledon quarter finalist, defeating Venus Williams on both occasions. Pironkova seems to be a two week player, only showing up for the grass season and do her performances from 2010 and 2011 warrant seeding?

And the there are other players who could be promoted on Wimbledon peformances, like 2007 finalist Marion Bartoli, currently sitting in eighth spot and then there is last years semi finalist Sabine Lisicki, who could be seeded at 15, but also has shown that her game clicks on grass.

I know for sure that I don’t envy the jobs of those who need to decide on seedings, and surely this is the toughest seeding list that they will ever have to do.


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Hi, Emily here You may be joining me from my former home at WTA Tour Insights or you may be completely new either way you can get a run down. Journalism student from Melbourne. My friend Lucinda is my co-blogger and official tweeter, she's got a lot of degrees, bit of a nerd - but we wont hold that against her! That's all I can think of for now, we must sound pretty exciting! I'll probably add to this later, or the more likely option I'll completely forget about it.
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5 Responses to The Curious Case of the Wimbledon seeding

  1. Mr. Pookie says:

    None of those of players that you mentioned Louise deserve to move up.
    Venus: Past her prime and battling a rare disease that I can’t still recall how to write it.
    Serena: Will go far but won’t win. You know very well my prediction Louise, that she will go slam less this year also lets all remember her meltdown, how long ago was it? We are talking about someone past her prime…I’m just giving you a hard time 😛 Wimbledon is the best chance for Serena to win a slam. I see her going to the semis, for Serena is not about seeding but who is on the side of the bracket.
    Kim: The fresher player has the advantage but on grass the youngsters are going to dominate not the veterans as it happened in clay. Kim does need the seeding tough opponents in early rounds can take her out, remember what Petrova did to her?
    Pironkova: Who? This has to be the only grass court specialist I’ve heard of. If Errani went deep than lets place bets on this dark horse. As a specialist it doesn’t matter where on the draw she lands or seeding whatever comes her way she will mow down.
    Lisicki: Once again, I like her off court but right now she is a big mess on court; an early upset for sure seeding won’t matter.
    Ostrich: Too inconsistent and seems she can’t handle the pressure. She will be sent packing by the 4th round, seeding won’t matter. The higher the seeding the earlier the exit.

    Sounds the arrogance of Wimbledon will finally bite them in their traditional derrière. If these players get high seeds, we will see upsets right and left.

    From me to you Louise 😛 because I felt like giving you the tongue.

  2. Mr. Pookie says:

    Mr. Oudin won against the Chipmunk. Does she rub her own belly for good luck? Now she is going against Larcher Brito, yeah us.

    Mr. Caps321 you’ve been missing, are you still at the “Toga Party” hanging with Julia G.? I don’t blame ya she was rocking that toga. BTW if you see Petra Martic tell her I say hello. 😛

    Desdemona will finally hit court I’m wondering if she left her bad attitude on clay.

    College/universities are famous for toga parties, Louise and Luci you two are university students ever been to one? 😛

    Off topic: Louise, a couple of months ago I saw another episode of “Gossip Girl” I’ve seen three episodes and 1/3 of another one. What puzzles me is how the characters of this show leave their private, personal, damaging information lying around whether is in an envelope or a piece of paper for their foes to find them. There is an invention called shredder that they can use or maybe an invention called fire. 😛

    • Emily says:

      Carlos, if they used fire or a shredder it wouldn’t be that much of TV show 😛 Though I’d probably still watch it for Chance, Ed and Penn 😛

      • Mr. Pookie says:

        I like the chicks on the show but I rarely watch. 😛 Which do you use in your real life Louise, shredder or fire? I use both, I first use fire. 😛

  3. Wow, didn’t know Mr. Oudin beat the Chipmunk!

    Mona & Bambi both lost and I haven’t seen any coverage from Birmingham yet. Seems its only Bad Gastein so far.

    Oh yeah and Julia got punked out by #211.

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