The moment everyone has been waiting for. My cheating predictions.

Some would argue that these are not real predictions, that I am taking the easy way out, I am not brave enough to predict a full draw break down from day one round one. And I tend to agree, so in the interest of my dignity I have decided to make my predictions from here, the quarterfinal, right up until that final day where the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen will be raised by some one and there is a 63% chance that that person will be lifting the a slam trophy for the very first time.

Quarterfinal number one

The contenders – 6th seed Sam Stosur vs pocket rocket 15th seed Dominika Cibulkova
The head to head – 1-0 Stosur. (6-4 6-3 victory in Stanford 2009)
Their best RG result – Stosur, finalist (2010), Cibulkova, semifinalist (2009)
The prediction – If weather conditions remain as the have for the last two days, wet and windy, the fearless Cibulkova could pull out the win in three. Stosur strives on being the underdog, and moments after Cibulkova took down top seeded Azarenka, Stosur became the favorite to advance to the final from the bottom half and looked shaky against American teenager, Sloane Stephens. Both ladies toughest opponent will be their mentality. Cibulkova in three.

Quarterfinal number two

The contenders – 10th seeded German, Angelique Kerber takes on 21st seeded Italian, Sara Errani
The head to head – 1-0 Kerber. (6-1 6-2 victory in Hobart this year)
Their best RG result – Both are enjoying their best run at Roland Garros, making the quarterfinal.
The prediction – Kerber has look lost on clay at times during the week and admittedly it is her worst surface, Errani has be stellar on clay in 2012, winning three titles (Acapulco, Barcelona and Budapest) on the surface, and should bode well for her. The biggest difference is that Angie has won a slam quarter final before (2011 US Open) while Errani lost her only other slam quarter final (2012 AO), nerves could very well be the deciding factor and her superior mental strength could see Kerber prevail in the encounter gets pushed to a deciding set. Errani in twoOR Kerber in three πŸ˜›

Quarterfinal number three

The contenders – Qualifier Yaroslava Shvedova versus fourth seed Petra Kvitova
The head to head – This will be the firt meeting between the two
Their best RG result – Shvedova in in her second Roland Garros quarterfinal the previous one coming in 2012 while this is Kvitova’s first ever appearance in the quarters of Roland Garros.
The prediction – Kvitova, arguably the most talented and purist ball striker of the younger generation has been having modest results, for her standards, all year. HoweerΒ  think in the battle Kvitova’s superiror hitting should be too much the 24-year-old Kzak on the comeback trail from injury. Kvitova in two.

Quarterfinal number four

The contenders – 23rd seed Kaia Kanepi vs second seed Maria Sharapova
The head to head- This will also be the first meeting between these two power hitters
Their best RG result – Kanepi reached the quarterfinal in 2008 as well while Sharapova is a dual semifinalist (2007 and 2011)
The prediction – Similar to the first quarterfinal, the weather is a huge factor in this result, as his both players mental strength and Sharapova’s wrist. Maria appeared to develop a wrist injury in her fourth round marathon with Klara Zakapolova,where she appeared to struggle with the pressures of being the overwhelming favorite for the title and the prospect of completing a carrer grand slam. Kanepi would have to be one of the mentally weakest players on the tour, as she choked not once but twice against her third round opponent, Caroline Wozniacki, letting slide a 6-1 5-1 lead, pulling through in an ugly three setter, and is notorious for her ability, or lack of it, in closing out matches, especially big ones – Wimbledon 2010 quarterfinal flashback! I think it ultimately comes down to what will hamper them more? Sharapova’s wrist and and the pressure of being such a huge favorite and completing her “Shara Slam” or Kanepi’s fragile mentality. Kaia in three.

The semis

Sara Errani def Dominika Cibulkova
Petra Kvitova def Kaia Kanepi

The final

If we use our trust Who Will Win Roland Garros formula for the past few years of Pretty much random player def solid, title favorite = eventual slump then we should see Errani play the match of her life, because the french open is random like that, thanks 2008 Justine.


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18 Responses to The moment everyone has been waiting for. My cheating predictions.

  1. Mr. Pookie says:

    I was wondering about your predictions Luci and thank you for posting them, yeah! Looks like your medication is not having you in a high state any more. πŸ˜›

    My QF Predictions were
    Aggie/Kerber Divapova/Serena Ostrich/Na Mrs. Angry/forgot to predict

    So I lost four quarter finalist and one missed prediction, remind me to send flowers to Aggie and Mrs. Angry for making me look bad. πŸ˜› I’m sticking to my original predictions and note that I stopped at the semis only because I wanted to see how I did to that point; yes, like Luci I’m cheating.

    Rocket Pocket vs Stosur
    R.P. is playing pretty good and I like how her speed catches up with her opponents’ ground strokes, that is why she matches well with Mrs. Angry. Both are chokers but I’ll take one diminutive Pocket Rocket to advance the semis, please.

    Errani vs Kerber
    I’m sticking to my original prediction of Kerber into the semis. Errani is a choker too she tends to fade in the second set. This match will go to a third set. Errani will play tough but she will end up like my height, short.

    No rain in the forecast for this two matches…However rain is predicted for the other two matches:
    Divapova vs Kanepi
    I don’t care the weather conditions Divapova is going to win this match. Kanepi is a big choker, a nice run from her but this is where she gets off the train; plus I already had Divapova in the semis. πŸ˜› If Luci is right and Kanepi wins it will be a huge, huge, upset that will be talk about for years. I’ll send a big high five to Luci then. Divapova began her choking in Rome at the final against Na, it reappear in the 4th round against Zakopalova.

    Ostrich vs Yaroslava
    This match worries me I already have Ostrich in the semis but she hasn’t been sharp, in fact she she has been erratic from one set to the next. Now you add the rain factor and her power will be futile in wet clay Yaroslava quietly moved through the field with a great potential of an upset. I’m not changing my prediction I’m purist in that way but I won’t be surprise if Yaroslava wins the match.

    Semis (my cheating time):
    Pocket Rocket vs Kerber
    Weather will be a factor the power of Kerber will be mute all P.R. has to do is return the ball and wear down Kerber. Nerves will be at hand for both players but P.R.’s play can frustrate her opponents. I take P.R. into the final.

    Divapova vs Ostrich
    Divapova will win, Ostrich schizophrenic play will be her doom and to add Divapova has defeated Ostrich in their last two meetings in hard court and clay respectively meaning she is already in Ostrich’s head.

    Divapova vs Rocket Pocket
    Divapova takes the title becoming the new number one ranked player and completing the “Diva Slam”. The shoes will be too big for P.R. who will lose in straight sets.

    • Mr. Pookie says:

      >Note to self: never make predictions pass 2am.
      >That Errani photo is starting to get on my nerves. πŸ˜›
      >If I would have called Cibulkova Diminutive instead of Pocket Rocket she would have won. πŸ˜›
      >Lastly, the top half of the draw killed me.

  2. The microfibre line consists of low hipsters, g-string, bra and top in solid colors. The cotton line consists of hipsters, low hipsters, bra and top in both solid colors and different patterns. Every year two new collections of the Caroline Wozniacki Underwear will be introduced.

    No, its not an April fools joke. Apparently the Bunny is busting out with her own underwear line…

    Do you think women will buy this crap?

    • Emily says:

      I know I surely wont be!

      • Mr. Pookie says:

        Louise, you and Luci are the few rare people who look great wearing anything. πŸ™‚ Bunny’s underwear company should be contacting both of you to model Bunny’s line of granny thongs. πŸ˜› That wouldn’t be fair to the average woman who will look less than spectacular -and I’m being modest- in Bunny’s threads.

    • Mr. Pookie says:

      I can not picture Mrs. Angry, Aggie, Malou or any other of Bunny’s friends with granny panties.

  3. I bet the Bunny will be giving out bloomers for Xmas to Aga, Bird, and her other friends since she’ll have a ‘free’ stash!

    I was a little surprised Kerber & Cibulkova went out so easy today. Although Kerber was fighting the parts I saw. Guess it didn’t help both of these matches were on at the same time and tomorrow as well.

    I’ve never seen this Shvedova play before but of course I’ll be rooting for the big bad Ostrich. And the other match — I would expect Diva to come through but maybe Kanepi is over the hump and it’ll be a good match?

    Lastly, I would like Errani to beat Stosur.

  4. Mr. Pookie says:

    >Double Talk
    Sara Errani has not only made it to the semis in singles but with her partner Vinci have advanced to the final of RG 12. They won everything in clay in this clay season so clearly they are favorite and they deserve to win the title. Errani has t titles twice on clay three times this year it would be a great story if she could sweep both titles at a grand slam but I don’t see it. I give Errani/Vinci the edge to win RG 12 in doubles.

    In the other semis I’m rooting for the Russians Princess/Petrova they will face the number five seed team the Czechs Andrea/Lucie. The Russians already defeated the number eleven seed and the number three seed of Yaroslava/King on their way to the semis while the Czechs defeated the number two seed team. It is going to be a tough match for the Russians I give a slight edge to the number five seed team, a three set victory.

    Question: After playing through qualifiers and going deep in singles tournament, did Yaroslava pulled a no show in her doubles match to preserve herself for her QF match against Ostrich?

    • Mr. Pookie says:

      I meant to say Errani swept two titles (singles and doubles) twice on clay once on hard court this year.

  5. Errani is in the final and if Diva wins today against Ostrich she’s #1!

  6. Mr. Pookie says:

    Princess/Petrova made it through the final. Singles and doubles final has become Errani vs Russians. I’m rooting for the Russians.

    I missed both semis matches due to the rain delay and I haven’t seen them yet. I don’t think I’ll have time to see them…Euro Cup starts tomorrow.

  7. Was trying to watch Ula this morning but I guess there is a rain delay. has live streaming but nothing is on now.

    Robson lost to KEOTHAVONG. Watson beat Oudin but lost to HSIEH. Ula won against DOI, MUGURUZA BLANCO and next faces BALTACHA.

  8. Mr. Pookie says:

    Princess team lost in the doubles match Boooooo! I picked up the match after the rain delay, second set, Italians up 3-2. From that point Petrova was flat, Princess wanted the match I agree with Caps, Princess was “Vicious” out there. Too bad, second time Princess reaches a grand slam final and couldn’t take the cake. Italians dominated the clay court season they deserve the title. Good news for them grass season is coming up.

    I still have Divapova taking the title tomorrow.

    Yeah, I know, I’m a bit bitter. πŸ˜›

  9. Ula won the ITF tournament.

    Mona should make it to the finals.. She has a pretty easy draw. Bambi is on the other side of the draw but no predictions because she’s ‘suspect’ until proven otherwise!

    The other draw isn’t out yet.

    • Mr. Pookie says:

      Caps, has Desdemona 100% healed her war wounds?

      I’m going to be patient and give Bambi time but if she doesn’t reach expectations I have a portfolio for her.

  10. Carlos, no idea if Mona is healthy or not.

    As of June 11, 2012

    Sharapova, Maria 1 (2)
    Azarenka, Victoria 2 (1)
    Stosur, Samantha 5 (6)
    Williams, Serena 6 (5)
    Wozniacki, Caroline 7 (9)
    Kerber, Angelique 9 (10)
    Errani, Sara 10 (24)
    Li, Na 11 (7)
    Cibulkova, Dominika 12 (16)
    Zvonareva, Vera 13 (11)
    Lisicki, Sabine 15 (13)
    Kanepi, Kaia 16 (23)
    Pennetta, Flavia 17 (20)
    Petkovic, Andrea 18 (15)
    Kirilenko, Maria 19 (17)
    Petrova, Nadia 23 (29)
    Hantuchova, Daniela 24 (18)
    Goerges, Julia 25 (27)
    Schiavone, Francesca 27 (12)
    Medina Garrigues, Anabel 28 (31)
    McHale, Christina 29 (36)
    Niculescu, Monica 30 (33)
    Kuznetsova, Svetlana 33 (28)
    Pavlyuchenkova, Anastasia 34 (25)
    Zakopalova, Klara 35 (44)
    Barthel, Mona 36 (32)
    Suarez Navarro, Carla 38 (46)
    Pironkova, Tsvetana 39 (41)
    Halep, Simona 40 (37)
    Martic, Petra 42 (50)
    Williams, Venus 47 (53)
    Arvidsson, Sofia 48 (54)
    Peer, Shahar 49 (55)
    Clijsters, Kim 50 (47)
    Cirstea, Sorana 51 (43)
    Lepchenko, Varvara 52 (63)
    Makarova, Ekaterina 54 (38)
    Voskoboeva, Galina 55 (49)
    Wozniak, Aleksandra 56 (58)
    Stephens, Sloane 57 (70)
    Shvedova, Yaroslava 62 (142)
    Radwanska, Urszula 63 (79)
    Soler-Espinosa, Silvia 64 (56)
    Rus, Arantxa 71 (88)
    Bertens, Kiki 85 (91)
    Falconi, Irina 86 (112)
    Bratchikova, Nina 88 (109)
    Baltacha, Elena 91 (68)
    Amanmuradova, Akgul 96 (102)
    Jovanovski, Bojana 103 (101)
    Robson, Laura 114 (126)
    Garcia, Caroline 152 (133)
    Oudin, Melanie 208 (269)
    Chakvetadze, Anna 295 (304)

  11. Mr. Pookie says:

    Where did Monday go?

    Luci, are you out of your cast?

    Quote of the week: “If you are so smart why aren’t you rich?” From the early 90’s T.V. cartoon The Adventures Of Batman And Robin.

    Hood translations:
    I’m chillin’ tonight = My current financial situation is not budgeted for extra curricular activity.

    Louise, when I saw this for some reason it reminded me of you:

    This is a great photo of Luci:
    Peanuts - Lucy

    It’s a blimp! it’s balloon! it’s Big Bird! No! It’s…

    Stock Watch RG 12 Edition
    Divapova: Every time someone completes a career grand slam they are bound to be leaders.
    Errani: The gamble paid off before I.W. 12 she took off to Mexico to play a clay court event swept both singles and doubles; but it cost her at I. W. and Miami with bad performances. She was eying the clay season and RG 12 all the way. She got to the final of both singles and doubles at RG as well as an outstanding clay season. Errani won every doubles title she played including RG doubles title. She lost three times on clay I read she went 22-3. Yes, those were bad loses but she overall she over achieved.
    Yaroslava: For going through qualies all the way to the QF, work horse.
    Lepchenko, Sloane, Zakopalova: These ladies over achieved the Americans had career performances while the Czech was the only one who went toe to toe with Divapova.
    Mona, Princess, Julia G., Halep, Sorana, Galina,/i> for underachieving or chocking.
    Serena, Mrs. Angry Bird, Na, for failing miserably and Bunny for being a jackass.

    Divapova may have completed the ‘Diva Slam’ but the best player of this generation is Serena not the Diva. Serena has nine more slams than Divapova, I doubt she will catch Serena also Serena has owned Divapova. Serena’s record against Divapova is 8-2, just look how Serena destroyed Divapova in Madrid. Serena has won all 7 rings Of Hell while Divapova has yet to win Miami. Divapova will add more ore to her coffers but doubt she will reach the heights of earn titles as Serena.

    • Mr. POokIE says:

      I did find the episode of Batman. The title of the show felt like punch between my eyes. The second to last line of the episode…This cartoon show was better and is better than prime time T.V. shows. I’m posting the first and last part of the episode.

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