Kerber, Goerges set for Rome battle

ImageGermany is rapidly becoming to dominating force of women’s tennis with three players inside the top 15 and another two inside the worlds top 30. Two of the German stars, Angelique Kerber and Julia Goerges will face off in the third round of the Rome Premier 5 tournament, both advancing with straight set victories. 

Following a sluggish start to the tournament, Kerber was eager to have an easier ride in the second round as she rapidly races towards the worlds top 10. Up against American Vania King, who is enjoying one of her best seasons to date, Kerber was not broken once in the match which she prevailed in 6-3 6-2 in 78 minutes. 

Compatriot Julia Goerges also enjoyed a solid win, over 7th seed Marion Bartoli. Goerges dropped one less game than Kerber, winning 6-3 6-1, and needed the same amount of time to dispatch her opponent. Goerges is looking to regain the form she found during the clay season last year and bring her ranking back nearer the world elite.

Coming into the tournament world number three, Agnieszka Radwanska had only lost six matches all year, all of which came at the hands world number one Victoria Azarenka. Petra Cetkovska was keen to break this streak and improve her head to head to 4-0 against the Pole, and that she did prevailing in three tough sets 6-4 4-6 6-1. 

Other results saw home favourites advance to the third round with a straight set win over American teenager Sloane Stephens while Sorana Cirstea made light work of Sofia Arvidsson. 


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Hi, Emily here You may be joining me from my former home at WTA Tour Insights or you may be completely new either way you can get a run down. Journalism student from Melbourne. My friend Lucinda is my co-blogger and official tweeter, she's got a lot of degrees, bit of a nerd - but we wont hold that against her! That's all I can think of for now, we must sound pretty exciting! I'll probably add to this later, or the more likely option I'll completely forget about it.
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22 Responses to Kerber, Goerges set for Rome battle

  1. Sam says:

    At first it looked like Kerber was just another fluke but she has been really impressive and definitely deserves that top 10 spot! Hope she can get it 🙂

  2. This was the explanation from a spokesman at Tennis Channel: “It’s a resource issue, and another example of why we’ve fought so hard for TC to be treated like Golf Channel and other single-sports networks that aren’t stifled by limited-audience sports tiers. We have the rights to show both the men’s and women’s matches in Madrid, and for this event we use the ATP and WTA feeds. The difference is that the ATP offers a fully produced feed, with graphics and on-air talent, and the WTA doesn’t. This means that when we take the WTA feed, we have to produce it (i.e., get it ready for air) by adding graphics, music, a play-by-play person and analyst, etc., which we don’t have to do with the men’s feed. As an independent network with limited resources, we weren’t able to air as many women’s matches as we’d like.”

    It’s the nice-girl tour no more

    Aga gets beat, the match was boring and I heard something about her back hurting. (Only watched first set and final points.)

    • Article 1:
      WTA must do something ASAP it gets under my skin that I’m missing eye popping matches even though some turn out to be duds. Someone must be fire! I blame the WTA’s CEO.

      Article 2:
      Every drama revolves around Mrs. Angry Bird. Aggie started the fight against Divapova and Mrs. Angry, but her main target has been Mrs. Angry. The Diva will smackdown anyone even innocent defenless puppies.

      Testing from my cell and trying Twitter.

  3. Angry Big Mac says:

    Oh great email required, that means no more pulling pranks on the Captain or Clefairy. Am I still allow to call them that? Do I give out new nicknames? Do I give myself a new nickname? Do I need to behave? Can I eat, talk on the phone, watch T.V. or all the above while I type? Should I write my comments in Espanol from now on and if I do will it be all automatically translated to Gibberish? Is Clefairy’s pink cast responsible for all of this changes? Was Louise responsible for breaking Clefairy’s leg in the fist place? Should I retire form commenting on all things tennis? And finally will it be better for me to sign up for this wordpress thing? 😛

    Caps321: I still don’t see your post. I don’t like this moderation thing, whatever happened to insulting a tennis player and posting immediately for the whole world to read? 😛 …I saw a few points of the Aggie match, first set, as I told you Aggie looked flat like the Princess against Flavia, right at that moment I new she was going to lose. I didn’t know That Cetkovska had the number on Aggie I read she is 4-0 lifetime against Aggie, go figure.

    What the hell is wrong is Sponge Bart? Are the Square Pants too tight? She has been out of it in this clay court season. I know by a fact that can’t handle the pressure of RG and the way she is playing now she becomes the favorite candidate to be ousted in the first round.

    Bunny retired I say she faked the illness. I hear Caps evil laugh.
    Fist Pumping Imbecile won whooptie doodle Boooooooooo!

  4. Diva/Imbecile – Only watched a couple points and the scoreboard for a while. I want to say Imbecile was up big in the first set. But, I do know she had 3 match points up 5-4 and still ended up losing the tie breaker! haha

    So, we got:
    1) Cibulkova vs Na Li
    2) Pennetta vs Serena
    3) Kerber vs Kvitova
    4) Venus vs Diva

    Bravo, NBCUniversal’s fully distributed lifestyle cable channel, will act as the home of Olympic tennis this summer. The channel will televise 56 hours of long-form tennis coverage over seven days, from July 28-August 3. Live coverage will air from early morning until mid-afternoon (ET) on most days.

    Not sure what is going on with Square Pants but she isn’t playing good. Perhaps she’s depressed because of her exclusion from the Olympics? Then again, someone smart like her would’ve already figured out it wasn’t going to happen due to her insistence ‘daddy’ coach Fed Cup.

    • Angry Big Mac says:

      This is what I got:
      Na over Dimunitive
      Pennetta upsetting Serena…Pennetta is playing her home tourney with fire.
      Ostrich pecking out Kirby
      Divapova defeating Venus…In another scream match.

      Thanks Caps, I checked if I had Bravo and it turns out I do, yeah! I never watch those channels after all they are chick channels (Hi Ladies!). Do me a favor Caps remind us when the time comes us just in case, thank you.

      Square Pants out of the Olympics? Who is in for the French? They don’t actually expect Moi Lolita to bring the gold?… this is too funny.

      Imbecile lost in straights hahaha. I picked up the match in the second set at 3 all Imbecile serving. Couple of points later Diva broke. At the end Imbecile wanted to cry and she was “pissed off’.

  5. Carlos, not sure how much coverage of WTA or non American tennis they will show on Bravo though. Think I posted a while back about and their coverage. This year they make you authenticate yourself with a cable tv subscription login ID/password. So, you’ll need to set that account up with your cable provider assuming you don’t already have one. I’m planning on running the hdmi cable to my hdtv for high quality streaming since they can’t show 5 courts or whatever at the same on one channel. (IIRC, they’re showing at least 5 courts on their website simultaneously.)

    Rome – World number one Victoria Azarenka said she only played in this week’s Italian Open to avoid a ranking penalty.

    The Belarussian won her first match against Shahar Peer but then immediately pulled out of the tournament, citing a right shoulder injury.

    On Friday, Azarenka revealed via Twitter that she had been forced into playing in order to protect her position at the top of the world rankings.

    “I was conflicted and disappointed to withdraw from Rome,” she said. “I tried my hardest but I wasn’t healthy going into the tournament.

    “If WTA rules were different then I could have focused on getting healthy but I could not afford another zero pointer on my ranking.

    “Hopefully in the future there will be more protection for players rights.”

    A zero pointer means players have to include that particular tournament in their ranking calculations and cannot replace it with another.

    • Angry Big Mac says:

      You are right Caps I procrastinate like you have no idea. I still haven’t set up an account yet, maybe I’ll use the Captain’s or Clefairy’s name 😛
      I think the television coverage is going to focus on the Americans as they usually do. It gets ridiculous at times, you may have the top two WTA Europeans going at each other in a close match and NBC will choose to televise a match between a lower ranked male American who is getting blown out. I would hope the television coverage is 50/50 between WTA and ATP players, but knowing how things are with the WTA it will be easier for NBC to televise the men’s side.
      As far as web broadcast I’m getting the feeling it would be better than the television coverage. We would finally see live matches and not in delay as we are accustomed in the West Coast (no one was happy with the past winter’s Olympics’ coverage). You are lucky that you are in the East Coast Caps, that idiot of Ebersol never, never, ever, gave a damn about the West Coast. All I can say is, ‘Thank God Dick Ebersol is gone!’ Web broadcast also means more matches which I can switch and choose at will, and not be stuck with a match who the T.V. head honchos think is best for me; it always is the wrong match.

      Mrs. Angry Bird:
      Looks like she wants the old ranking system back. The one who Sampras said, “You can have a dead guy and still be rank number one”.

  6. Angry Big Mac says:

    I’ll take the Ball Bashers Divapova and Serena to go to the Rome finale.

    First rounds of qualifying started in Strasbourg.

  7. Serena Williams withdrew from the Internazionali BNL d’Italy. On the eve of the semifinal match against Na Li of China, the U.S. has peferito forfeit because of a back problem. “Friday during the day I realized I have pain behind my back and I thought that this was not the time just to take the field – Serena said in a press conference – When you feel pain and you are not 100% it is better to avoid playing to avoid worsening the situation. ” The U.S. does not exclude its presence at the French Open: “I feel good and fit, I only have a few problems but these days I think I can recover.”

    ROME, May 18 (Reuters) – Russia’s Maria Sharapova caused a stir at the Italian Open on Friday when she questioned Victoria Azarenka’s claim that she had been forced to quit to protect her ranking.

    “She’s been injured more than anyone and still stayed number one,” Sharapova said.

    “Last year I think she had more injuries than anyone else. Sometimes she’ll withdraw and then you’ll see her practising two days later.”

    Sharapova, who had to take almost a year off because of a shoulder surgery, said staying fit was more important to her than paying a fine or losing points.

    “For me, if I’m injured, then it doesn’t matter how much the fine is, I am not going to play,” she said.

    “My body and my health are the most important things and if you lose points or have a fine, I don’t care about that.”

    I found Safarova, Babos & Ula! They’re playing ITF Prague:

    Ula lost in the second round to E. Baltacha.
    Babos lost in the second round to A. Sevastova.
    Safarova is going to a third set against Cornet which is live now. (Feed just cut off and only 1 available.)

    • Angry Big Mac says:

      >The injuries to Mrs. Angry Bird and Serena sound fake to me.
      >>I thought nothing of the shoulder bump between Diva/Bird but Divapova has pull out the claws.
      >>>It puzzles me where the Belly Dancer chooses to play.

      Naughty Desdemona is listed to play in Strasbourg as well as the Princess, Licki Bean, Furby, and Moi Lolita. I have no report on my girl’s ankle.

  8. Angry Big Mac says:

    I’m taking Divapova to take the title in Rome.
    >>I don’t take into account Rome’s champios in the last four years they have fallen in Paris.

    In Strasbourg:
    Naughty Desdemona will play she is seeded fifth. Possible encounter with the WC/top seed Licki Bean.

    I found a naked photo of Vera Z. On Flickr.

  9. Looks like Kerber pulled out with a low back injury.

    Mona will probably have to face Lucie HRADECKA in the second round…

    Carlos, you talking about that ESPN Body Issue with Vera positioned strategically?

    Looks like Bambi has a tough draw facing Cibulkova in the first round and either Wiki/Licki in the second.

  10. Angry Big Mac says:

    Kirby’s injury also sounds shady.

    Bambi can take out Wicki or Licki but she has to work hard against Cibulkova

    Caps, I didn’t even know that ESPN had a body issue, by the way you are describing it I would say yes. There is still hope that players in my see naked list would do this type of photography. 😛

    The Italians Errani/Vinci won the doubles title over Makarena/Vesnina.

  11. Prague – Top seeded Lucie Safarova has fulfilled the role of favorite and won tennis tournament ITF Sparta Prague Open. World dvaadvacítka defeated in today’s final tournament duo Klara Zakopalova 6:3 and 7:5.

    “It’s an amazing feeling to win the tournament and a beautiful home, and so I really appreciate it,” Safarova said. “It’s been a long time since I won the title, so I’m very happy,” said Serbian coach Biljana ward Veselinovičová.

    Tennis: Kiwi star smashes top 40

    Wozniacki is happy to keep it in the family

    Piotr stands accused to working daughter Caroline too hard but she doesn’t want another coach and boyfriend Rory has the seal of approval as a good influence

    Carlos, Serena posed for the ‘body issue’ a while back and made world wide headlines.

  12. caps321 (@caps321) says:

    Prague – Top seeded Lucie Safarova has fulfilled the role of favorite and won tennis tournament ITF Sparta Prague Open. World dvaadvacítka defeated in today’s final tournament duo Klara Zakopalova 6:3 and 7:5.

    “It’s an amazing feeling to win the tournament and a beautiful home, and so I really appreciate it,” Safarova said. “It’s been a long time since I won the title, so I’m very happy,” said Serbian coach Biljana ward Veselinovičová.

    Tennis: Kiwi star smashes top 40

    Wozniacki is happy to keep it in the family

    Piotr stands accused to working daughter Caroline too hard but she doesn’t want another coach and boyfriend Rory has the seal of approval as a good influence

    Carlos, Serena posed for the ‘body issue’ a while back and made world wide headlines.

  13. Angry Big Mac says:

    I’ll continue with the Monday Mayhem until the lovely bloggers tell me, “Enough!”

    Lucinda: how are you doing? How about updating your health status weekly for those us who are worried about you. I want to see you at 100% hopping around all over Melbourne.

    …And I found this video of you teaching your class!! O-o

    Captain: Nice home! May I be nosy and ask how much you spent on your modest new pad? 😛
    fancy home

    In Stuttgart, at a a post match press conference, a shady reporter from an unheard news organization made the following question to Ms. Mona Barthel:
    Reporter: Mona, is it true that ABM is your BF?

    My feet are pretty, my toes are perfect, but your foot massages stink.

    Emily? I do recall that name…
    Serena Williams

    Rome’s final was a choker vs choker classic match. I new Divapova was going to win even though Na had the semis day off. Na has become a choker and this match accentuates this point even more.

    Caps321: Vesnina pulled out of Strasbourg now the Belly Dancer will play against a qualifier, and Caroline Garcia lost in the second round of qualies.

    I would advice Naughty Desdemona to play no further then QF at Strasbourg. If things fall into place she will face Licki Bean, win or lose it would be best for Desdemona to end the run there so she could be fresh for R.G. She has to be careful about her foot injury or injuring it further.

  14. Angry Big Mac says:

    Letting you both know that Caps321 is boycotting Bagelset. He is not happy with moderation he said that he lost two post.

    I already Tweeted to Lucinda asking for the rules of this new blog and I didn’t get an answer. I’m going to ask again, what are the rules of this blog? I gather that you don’t want people giving out links in post.

  15. Angry Big Mac says:

    It seems I’ll be the only one commenting, a one man chat.

    Quote of the week: A lot of people are alive only because it is illegal to shoot them.

    Question of the week: what goes in hard and pink and comes out soft and sticky?
    I’ll let everyone ponder for a while.

    Downward stocks:
    >Na, no question is she joins the Choker’s Club, she already has a membership to the WTA’s Head Cases Club.
    >Bambi, every time she can’t get over the hump a hair in my head turns gray. 😛
    >Licki Bean, off court I love her but on court she is a big mess.
    >Ostrich, she hasn’t fulfilled her expectations. She reminds me of an old Kung Fu movie, “Hey, what happened to your Kung Fu?” After his friend who had good Kung Fu skills got his butt kicked. ALL CREDIT TO THE CAPTAIN who predicted Ostrich’s digression.
    >Nasti Pav, enough said.
    >Bunny: she is headed to a meltdown.
    >Sponge Bart, right now she has no fire in her engines.
    >JJ a one and done deal in Rome third straight one and done, more on her later.
    >Divapova proved me wrong winning in hard conditions. She seems to be in every final except in Paris earlier this year where Kirby whooped her. Where is she playing next? Paris you say? Tough luck.
    >Serena, The Captain might be happy in seeing her fav go on to the semis in Rome with ease. If dry conditions prevail in Paris it is going to be the Basher’s Ball in the midst the dust bowl. Serena had the smarts to quit while being ahead.
    >Pennetta, she had a good run in her home tourney too bad an injury took her down.

    Licki Bean lost in the first round in straights sets.
    JJ lost to Halep in a tough three setter, it translate to another one and done. JJ’s fourth straight one and done, 7 out her last eight tournaments have been one and done. Her eighth of the year. A rough, rough, patch for JJ.

    I thought Mirza retired.
    Bambi lost to the Diminutive. yet another gray hair on my head. 😛
    Ula and Falconi made it to the main draw.

    *Special mention Bayern Munich (football/soccer) playing the UEFA championship match at home, B.M. did everything possible to lose the match and they did. They join Na as losers of the week.

  16. Marine says:

    Hi Emily, have a lot of fun in your new bloghome. 🙂

  17. Angry Big Mac says:

    Princess retired in the second set.
    Naughty Desdemona lost in straights to Panova.

    I saw just a few points in the Princess match against Sloane Stephens. it was the second set Sloane leading 3-2, I tuned out. Next thing I knew the match was over when Princess lost the second set 5-7. She came in with a foot injury and she is not the only one.

    Naughty Desdemona: I was disgusted by her attitude on court. I watched this match live stream from my cell starting 2am my local time, yes I’m that crazy.. Right from the start I could tell Desdemona was mad and that she wasn’t at 100%. Her shots were landing right on the net, her serve was off, at the fifth game she was angry enough to smack her racket to the ground (red flag #2). During a change over Desdemona pulled her hair bun allowing her hair to end up in a pony tail. She made an adjustment but her shots landed wide, she ended up losing the set 3-6. She called for the trainer at the end of the set, at this point I thought she was going to retire but she continued. She went down 0-2 at the start of the second set but it was her attitude in the third game that really was jaw dropping. Every ball that she hit she purposely hit it out in anger (red flag #3). At the change over she sat there just for a moment then she got up and went the base line. Desdemona was moving well laterally but she had trouble coming to the net she couldn’t chase down drop shots, she didn’t bother tracking them down. There was no prancing from Desdemona she was walking along the baseline looking flat footed between points. her opponent Panova took the lad 5-0 when finally Naughty Desdemona woke up came back to tie all things at 5 saving four match points. She finally played to the level that she suppose to play. The set went to a to break, Desdemona quickly went down where Panova head match point leading 6-2. Desdemona fought back saving four match points finally losing on a double fault. Panova should have had the tennis smarts to play more drop shots but she didn’t! Desdemona was indeed Naughty, she should had followed my advice and not play a week before a slam. Clearly she is not 100%. photos from her official site showed she had both feet (not her ankles ) taped. If you ask where the first red flag came from? In Stuttgart QF match against Mrs. Angry Bird where she rubbed out a disputed call.

    With my favs out I’ll wait for RG.

  18. The links dilemma has been solved. I created a blog specifically for this purpose.

    Wow, I knew Square Pants was on the decline but getting worked over by Ula was embarrassing. That said, I picked up the match in the last couple points of the first set. And Ula was playing very well while Square Pants looked disheveled as usual and perplexed by her opponent. This was their first meeting.

    Guess I’ll watch these matches tomorrow:

    05:30 Arvidsson – U. Radwanska
    08:00 Pironkova – Kanepi
    09:30 A. Radwanska – Van Uytvanck
    11:00 Halep – Cibulkova

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